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Status: STD 2005/06/07
Code: 812

Concept definition: The type of actuation influences of an <EXPLOSIVE_MINE>.
Attribute value type: ENUMERATION
Reference type: IR
Reference: [FACC, Annex B: MII]
Supplemental references:  

Enumerants (presented in a natural order)
Status Attribute label Enumerant label ▾ Concept definition Code Ref type Reference Supplemental references
MINE_INFLUENCE_ACTUATION ACOUSTIC <SENSOR>s measure acoustic disturbances (for example: propeller noise, machinery noise, and/or or hull vibrations). 1 IR [FACC, Annex B, MII:4] [FNWS]
MINE_INFLUENCE_ACTUATION COMBINED Combinations of <<<MAGNETIC>>>, <<<PRESSURE>>>, and <<<ACOUSTIC>>> methods are used to compensate for the disadvantages of one method with the advantages of another; combined. 2 IR [FACC, Annex B, MII:2] [FNWS]
MINE_INFLUENCE_ACTUATION MAGNETIC <SENSOR>s measure changes in the <MAGNETIC_FIELD> of the <PLANET> or the presence of a source of magnetic flux. 3 IR [FACC, Annex B, MII:3] [FNWS]
MINE_INFLUENCE_ACTUATION PRESSURE Pressure-measuring mechanisms that detect variations in ocean pressure caused by the "pressure signature" of a moving <VESSEL>; pressure. Pressure actuation is also known as "hydrostatic actuation". 4 IR [FACC, Annex B, MII:1] [FNWS]

Group membership:

In addition to the status and date information for each entry, a colour coding scheme highlights the database holding to which an entry belongs. The following highlight colours are used:

  • white - the entry is in the standard
  • yellow - the entry has been added to the register
  • pink - the entry has been submitted for inclusion in the register, but it is not approved
  • cyan - a deprecated entry that was originally either in the standard or was added to the register, but has since been deprecated

The following icons are used to identify items that have figures, modifications and/or clarification notes:

  • F n - has Figures and, if more than one figure, n figures
  • M - has Modifications
  • C - has Clarifications

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