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Status: STD 2005/06/07
Code: 1165

Concept definition: The lower degree identification of a <RUNWAY>; runway low end identifier. The value is formatted in a Basic Latin string that begins with a two-character identifier ranging from 01-18, determined from the approach direction, derived from the <RUNWAY> magnetic heading (low end) rounded to the nearest ten arc degrees and divided by ten. Designated in accordance with appropriate host nation documents. Analyst derived <RUNWAY> numbers will use six arc degrees as the break off point for the next highest number. In the case of parallel <RUNWAY>s, a third character is added to differentiate between left (L), right (R), centre (C), and STOL (S) runway positions. A fourth character (T) True is added when the <RUNWAY> identifier and heading are true with no magnetic variation applied.
Attribute value type: CONSTRAINED_STRING
Reference type: PR
Reference: [DAFIF, Sec. 201.B.3, "Runway Identifier (Low End)"]
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